For the last 38 years the tavern has been situated in Alikianos, a busy village 10 kilometers south west of Chania. The tavern was founded by Panagiotis and KoulaMakrinaki in 1978. They had been seeking their fortunes in Germany but returned to the better quality of life in Crete.  Then it was known as the Makrini’s tavern and in 2004,when their daughter Evelina took over, the tavern was renamed as Pemptousia (The Sixth Sense).

Under the direction of Evelina, Pemptousia continues its course with a completely renovated Taverna, and with the unchanged traditional recipes inherited from her mother. The warm and friendly winter fire and the large sunny summer deck offer a comfortable environment for all seasons and in all weather. The extensive selection of dishesareprepared with loving care on the premises using the finest fresh ingredients. Combined with an impressive selection of wines Pemptousia’s menus will satisfy the most demanding palates.

We have discovered the quintessential essence of life! If you are interested in delicious food and great local wines in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, come and see us, you will never be disappointed.